Animals of the North Pole!

The Arctic Circle is one of the coldest, harshest environments on the planet.  Technically it is a giant frozen desert and the animals that live there have specific adaptations for survival in the Biome. We’ll bring mammals, a reptile, a bird, a frog, and of course bugs to interpret life at the pole discussing light cycles, temperature changes, migration and hibernation. Best of all…

Animals of the North Pole includes a real LIVE REINDEER!  This 50 minute show can be presented in one of three ways:


Silly Safaris LIVE Reindeer Shows
The Indiana Reindeer Reserve

“The Indiana Reindeer Reserve” SM is presented by one pf Santa’s very own elves in costume sharing all the secrets of life in the workshop and at the reindeer barn.

This performance is geared to be more for entertainment purposes though students will learn about nature because we have so much fun!  Perfect for the Christmas Party!
Silly Safaris LIVE Reindeer Shows
Meet a Sami Reindeer Herder

“Meet a Sami Reindeer Herder” and you’ll have a once in a lifetime experience! For this version of the show, the Silly Safaris Funologist wears a Lapland Sami costume (a.k.a. a Jan Brett book).

The focus here is more education than entertainment emphasizing the culture of the Sami People. We include many myths, legends, and lore references making this show a literacy celebration.
Silly Safaris LIVE Reindeer Shows
Animals of the North Pole

Of course “Animals of the North Pole” can be performed by any Silly Safaris Funologist dressed with our signature Safari vest and all.

This edutainment offering focuses on all the life science aspects of studying life, climate, and seasonality inside the Arctic Circle.
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