Who’s supposed to work and who’s supposed to party?

You’re supposed to party so let us do the work. NO ONE ELSE brings more energy, excitement or animals to your party!


Our EXTREME Party features nine crazy animals: Three MAMMALS, Three REPTILES, a BIRD a FROG or TOAD and a BUG!
  • EXTREME Mammals: kinkajou, fennec fox, raccoon, skunk, armadillo and/or coatimundi plus the usual bunny rabbit, ferret, and hedgehog too.

  • EXTREME Reptiles: BIG snake ( python or boa ) alligator, lizard, and/or giant tortoise

  • EXTREME Birds: vulture, owl, hawk, rolling pigeon or crow

  • EXTREME Amphibians: bullfrog as big as your head or a giant toad

  • EXTREME Bugs: tarantula, giant flying cockroach, or a scorpion

  • All of this for just $375
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