Who’s supposed to work and who’s supposed to party?

You’re supposed to party so let us do the work. NO ONE ELSE brings more energy, excitement or animals to your party!


  • 50 minute live animal show

  • Specially, wrapped, birthday gift AND a lifetime of positive family memories!

  • 3 Mammals: rabbit, skunk, ferret, rat, or hedgehog

  • 3 Reptiles: lizard, corn snake, ball python, tortoise, or baby alligator

  • 1 Bird: rooster, dove, or pigeon

  • 1 Amphibian: tree frog or talented toad

  • 1 Giant BUG: hissing cockroach or fainting beetle

  • You can request particular animals, but remember, we like to give the animals a day off occasionally.

  • All of this for just $250
Our EXTREME Party consists of our Basic package but substitutes bigger, unusual animals from each group, like one of the following:
  • EXTREME Mammals: kinkajou, fennec fox, or coatimundi

  • EXTREME Reptiles: big boa, python, or giant tortoise

  • EXTREME Birds: vulture, owl, or crow

  • EXTREME Amphibians: frog as big as your head

  • EXTREME Bugs: tarantula, giant flying cockroach, or a scorpion

  • All of this for just $300
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